WedCam Receives World Recognised Award

We are truly thrilled and excited to have received the news that WedCam has won the first runner up for the 2015 Qualcomm Vuforia Vision Awards. The Worldwide recognition of WedCam have certainly paid off all the hard work that we have put into WedCam, and we are more excited than ever to bring even more awesomeness onto the market.

In order to appreciate all your love and support that you have given us over all these time, we have decided to widely expand our consumer products so that you will be able to experience even more with WedCam. We will also be offering a storewide promotion of 20% off every single item that is available, and free Worldwide shipping for any orders placed before 31 Jan 2016.

Thank you for all your support in WedCam again. Let’s drive Augmented Reality to an even higher level together!