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– Store Opening
– Corporate Events

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Product Description

Have a big event coming out for your business that you would want to impress your guests? What if you can stand on top of the invitation cards that you have stand out and invite your prestige guests in person and at the same time building a strong connection with your guests? What if you guests can directly RSVP from the invitation cards instead of consuming unnecessary man power to follow up with calls and emails?

It is all possible now with the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies onto paintings. Your guests can now interact with the invitation card and stay connected with your business. If your event is about an upcoming product launch, you can even provide a sneak peak of your upcoming release so that they can get excited even before attending the event! Integrating our intuitively designed AR effect – Interactive Visual Effects, viewers can get engaged with the contents in the publications in a new way that cannot be seen before.

We are designers specialised in AR application and experience design. AR invitation cards can be achieved through our award winning AR platform – WedCam, at a very affordable price, or you can choose to have a custom app designed that is branded under your company name. Please feel free to contact us and our designers are looking forward to speaking with you and explore the infinite potentials of Augmented Reality.


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