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Product Description

Menus are an essential part of every restaurant’s operation but the limited space available on the menus are unable to provide rich contents for the customers to learn about the restaurant, what ingredients are used for each dish, and what the end product should the customer be expected after they have placed their orders.

Won’t it be great if the menu can make suggestions based on the customers previous visits to the restaurant, translate the contents to a language that is fluent to the customers automatically, show them how each dish is cooked, what the end product actually looks like, and take the orders without having the customer to wait for the next available waiter to server them?

It is all possible now with the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies onto restaurant menus. Customers can now interact with the menus and learn more about the signature dishes of the restaurant, what ingredients are used, and order straight from the menu. Integrating our intuitively designed AR effect – Interactive Visual Effects, customers can get engaged with the restaurants in a new way that cannot be seen before.

We are designers specialised in AR application and experience design. AR restaurant menus can be achieved through our award winning AR platform – WedCam, at a very affordable price, or you can choose to have a custom app designed that is branded under your company name. Please feel free to contact us and our designers are looking forward to speaking with you and explore the infinite potentials of Augmented Reality.


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