WedCam FAQ

Thank you for your interests in WedCam. Please check out our FAQs below if you have any question. If you are unable to locate an answer to your questions, please kindly contact our customer service and our experts are looking forward to talk with you!

General FAQ

Do I need Internet access to use WedCam?

Internet connection is required for the first time that you open each effect, and the digital contents for the effects will be downloaded onto your mobile device from our server. Once the contents are stored onto your mobile device, you will no longer require Internet connection to view the same effects any more.

Can I delete the contents downloaded for an event?

Yes, you may go to the “History” tab and tap on “Delete” for the events of which you would want to erase.

I have opened the camera on WedCam but I cannot see anything.

Please check that you have the correct event opened. If everything is good, the contents may have corrupted during download. Please delete the event from the “History” tab and try again.

Where are the contents for my event hosted?

The contents for each event is hosted on our cloud server.

How long will the effects for each event be available for?

For invitation cards and greeting cards, your contents will be available on our server for at least 2 years from the date of your purchase. If the contents are stored in your mobile device, you will still be able to view the effects after 2 years.

For other products, the contents of your effect will be kept on our server for at least 10 years, meaning you will have unlimited downloads for your event at anytime and anywhere within the period.

For Commercial Applications, please see the Commercial FAQ below.


Commercial FAQ

How long will the Commercial effects be available for?

Commercial applications on WedCam are purchased on a subscription base. The effects will be available on WedCam for as long as the subscription period is active.

Can I buy consumer effects and use them on commercial purposes?

No. Contents for commercial applications are stored on a commercial grade cloud server that is separate from consumer contents to ensure speed and reliability. If you would like to purchase designs available only for our consumer categories, please contact our customer service and we can work out something for you.