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Product Description

Name Cards are one of the most important assets of a business, and whenever we meet new people, connections, networks, and potential customers we always exchange name cards with each other. What if your name card can help you introduce your company and give more information about the background of your business? What if your name card can tell your customers how your products and services could help them? If your name card can do so much, it will never be merely a piece of paper that has your company logo and your name printed on it, it will become one of your greatest marketing and sales tool!

It is all possible now with the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies onto your name card. You customers can now interact with your name card and learn more about your business, products and services in an intuitive and convenient way. Integrating our intuitively designed AR effect – Interactive Visual Effects, you are able to engage your customer in a new way that cannot be seen before.

We are designers specialised in AR application and experience design. AR name cards can be achieved through our award winning AR platform – WedCam, at a very affordable price, or you can choose to have a custom app designed that is branded under your company name. Please feel free to contact us and our designers are looking forward to speaking with you and explore the infinite potentials of Augmented Reality.


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