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Product Description

Interactive Visual Effects (IVE) is an intuitive AR effect designed and developed by Creote Studio. We are proud to bring this new experience to the market and our clients are loving the interactivity and flexibility that is brought to various applications. IVE is a powerful effect that adds interactivity to AR effects that was not possible before.

Traditional AR effects make use of cameras on smart devices and use it as a channel to put digital media onto a physical product. Surely the readers are able to obtain information with more richness, but the static information is still a one way communication that the readers does not have control on the contents that they wish to see. With the integration of IVE into AR effects, readers can now choose what information they wish to learn more and interact with the contents that they are interested in.

IVE is a timeline based effect that adds interactivity to a specific time frame of an effect. We are now able to add interaction to a specific moment of the effect and creates new experiences in how users can obtain useful information in a much more fun and engaging way.

We are designers specialised in AR application and experience design. Interactive Visual Effects (IVE) can be achieved through our award winning AR platform – WedCam, at a very affordable price, or you can choose to have a custom app designed that is branded under your company name. Please feel free to contact us and our designers are looking forward to speaking with you and explore the infinite potentials of Augmented Reality.


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