WedCam Products

WedCam is an award winning Augmented Reality (AR) platform that is available for free to download on the App Store and Google Play. We have released a wide range of WedCam products that have stunning WedCam effects integrated that could wow your friends, preserve precious memories, and also create emotional bonds between you and the ones you love.

Through WedCam products, you will change the way how you see many traditional products that are available in the consumer market. We strive to design and provide a whole new experience for you that will change the way how you tell your stories, capture precious moments, and add a bit of fun to the things around you!

Most of our WedCam product has a personal touch in it that lets you tell your story, so everyone will have products that are unique for themselves. Be sure to check out our products on this website and see the powerful and amazing effects that WedCam brings to you.