AR Content Designs


Our specialties include:
– 2D Animations
– Video Production
– 3D Modelling
– 3D Animations
– Interactive Experience

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Product Description

We are designers specialised in AR application and experience design. You are welcome to provide us with any contents they you already have and we will help you design and integrate them into a stunning AR effect.

AR content designs is one of the key factors for successful AR campaigns. We are a design centric company and we focus on giving the ultimate end users new experiences that will not only amaze them, but at the same time bringing interactivity can convenience. If there are other contents that are required for the effects, we can create those contents for you too! Our design team is specialised in creating AR contents such as highly detailed 3D models, professional production of video contents and animations.

The created AR content designs can be achieved through our award winning AR platform – WedCam, at a very affordable price, or you can choose to have a custom app designed that is branded under your company name. Please feel free to contact us and our designers are looking forward to speaking with you and explore the infinite potentials of Augmented Reality.


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