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MagicBook Premium Edition

HKD$6,875 HKD$5,500


Printing of the MagicBook may take up to 3-4 weeks.

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Product Description

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Photos are a great media to record and store precious memories, such moments are captured as a snapshot for us to view in a convenient way. But the lack of sound and movements take away the emotional connections of the memories such as the atmosphere, conversations, laughters etc, leaving the photo to be an incomplete memory of the precious moments?

Won’t it be great if we are able to see, hear and even interact with the photos recall the exact moments that we were after? Won’t it be great if we could store all the emotional connections of the special moments in a book where it can be easily accessible?

We are now able to accomplish all that with MagicBook. MagicBook is a printed photo album that has our standard AR video effects embedded in it. You only need to point the WedCam camera onto specific photos of the album, the precious moment will instantly appear right in front of you with sight, sound and interactivity putting you back into the memory where you would like to recall.

MagicBook Premium Edition uses high quality printing, with a beautifully crafted 11″ x 17″ photobook that lets you put your favourite photo as the cover. You can include 30 pages of beautifully printed photos at the size of 11″ x 17″. The MagicBook Premium Edition also comes with an elegant case that would help you to preserve and store your precious memories in a safe place.


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