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[tippscom] Wedcam – Augmented Reality for the wedding

WedCam is an app that uses augmented reality (AR) and turns your wedding invitation card into different stunning and magical 3D effects. Want to surprise your wedding guests and invite them in an innovative way? Come talk to us today and tell us your ideas! For full article and more details, please check out the […]

[Thank, Q!] How to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

WedCam is simply one of the coolest and most innovative phone apps which takes your memories and literally brings them to life. You, your friends and your family can forever enjoy that special day without the hassle of mailing DVDs to each and everyone who wishes to see it. Check out the full article about WedCam […]

[phxnews] WedCam

WedCam is an app that uses augmented reality (AR) to turn your wedding invitation card into different stunning and magical effects. The app enables you to create customized yet very artistic wedding invitations so that your guests will feel like they are especially welcome for your great event. But the app goes further than that, giving […]

[Apple Daily] Wedcam x Design Incubation Programme

Through joining the Design Incubation Programme, Creote was appointed to create the AR app for upcoming 5 Starr Designer Hotel – The South Beach! This programme has given the great chance for us to build our business network, in order to get in touch with different potential clients. We are delighted to join this programme and […]

[MingPao] WedCam Provides AR Effects for HKDC

It is very exciting to work with Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) to implement WedCam’s AR effects onto HKDC’s upcoming 2014 Annual Report. MingPao has covered the story of this innovative idea and perhaps the first in the World in incorporating AR effects onto business related reports. A traditional annual report is thick in pages […]

ESDlife Blog Post

Thank you 飛比小姐’s support in WedCam’s MagicInvite and MagicBook. She has written a blog about our products at ESDlife Blog and we are truly grateful to see someone loving our products so much! Check out what 飛比小姐 has to say about WedCam from the link below: